Futuristic Smart Phones Revealed

Some Amazing Features Of The Futuristic Smart Phones Revealed

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What more futuristic features can today’s smartphone have tomorrow? This is the first question that will drag a number of readers to read the whole article, noticing the title. Well, this is just the mid of 2016 and rumors are already out that by the mid or end of the year 2018, users will experience a number of other futuristic features that are been though expected but are of course mind blowing.

The growing features of smartphones already started with the introduction of iPhone in the year 2007 and also with the android smartphones. Screens are getting larger, processors getting more powerful, battery life getting better, high-speed internet connection, great camera resolution, full-screen touch feature and the introduction of lots of applications have already amazed the users.


So, what are the next features that you are about the witness? Here are some of them mentioned.

Wearable Sensors

Of course with the introduction of Galaxy S4 and iPhone, the wearable sensors are been then in the form of watches.  But there will be wearable sensors also available soon that will be not only able to help you run theapplication without touching the phone but also will be able to track your biomedical conditions such as heartbeat rate, calories, temperatures and many similarly related elements. These sensors will be available in shoes, clothes and others. Also, they may have a capacity of providing your preventive measures for correcting your health conditions.

Scanning Security

Fingerprint security sensors are already out with a number of smartphone devices such as Lenovo, Samsung, and Apple. But by the year 2018, it is expected that Apple will come up with ocular scanning as per which the scanning of the retina will be required for the security purpose of the smartphone. This is held to be three much higher in security than the fingerprint security.

Camera Features

HTC One has already come up with the feature of video-still mode. As per this feature, the difference between clicking a still photo and capturing a full video will disappear. The images will be automatically clicked by the camera, sending the movement of the human body. You do not have to switch modes between camera and video. After capturing the moments, you can decide later on whether you wish to keep it as still images or as video or as both. By 2018, it is expected that all the smart phones should have this feature.

Flexible Screens

A new material such as elastor polymer will be in use soon that will allow you to twist and turn the smartphone as per your use. The circuit boards and the battery will also be made flexible so that the whole control allows you to twist the smartphone in different ways. Thus, keeping the larger screened smartphones in thepocket will not hurt you and also you will not break your iPhone if you sit on it mistakenly.

These are some of the most rumored features that your futuristic smartphone is about to have. Apart from these, of course, there are many more other features that are sure to come such as aneven stronger battery for long lasting and the introduction of 5G internet for theeven stronger network.

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